April 7 2007

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April 7th, 2007 (April 07 2007)DeathJohnny Hart, American cartoonist (born in 1931)John Hart Quotes
April 7th, 2007 (April 07 2007)DeathBarry Nelson, American actor (born in 1917)
April 7th, 2007 (April 07 2007)DeathDiego Corrales, American boxer (born in 1977)
April 7th, 1997 (April 07 1997)DeathLuis Aloma, Cuban baseball player (born in 1923)
April 7th, 1997 (April 07 1997)DeathGeorgi Shonin, Soviet cosmonaut (born in 1935)
April 7th, 1997 (April 07 1997)DeathTomoyuki Tanaka, Japanese film producer (Godzilla) (born in 1910)
April 7th, 1987 (April 07 1987)BirthAlexa Demara, American model and actress
April 7th, 1977 (April 07 1977)EventGerman Federal Prosecutor Siegfried Buback and his driver are shot by two Red Army Faction members while waiting at a red light.
April 7th, 1977 (April 07 1977)BirthSilvana Arias, Peruvian actress
April 7th, 1967 (April 07 1967)BirthArtemis Gounaki, composer, writer and music producer
April 7th, 1957 (April 07 1957)BirthKim Kap-su, South Korean actor
April 7th, 1947 (April 07 1947)BirthPatricia Bennett, American singer (The Chiffons)
April 7th, 1947 (April 07 1947)BirthFlorian Schneider, German musician (Kraftwerk)
April 7th, 1947 (April 07 1947)BirthEliseo Soriano, Philippine evangelist
April 7th, 1947 (April 07 1947)DeathHenry Ford, American automobile manufacturer and industrialist (born in 1863)Henry Ford Quotes
April 7th, 1927 (April 07 1927)EventFirst distance public television broadcast (from Washington, DC to New York City, displaying the image of Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover).Herbert Hoover Quotes
April 7th, 1927 (April 07 1927)BirthBabatunde Olatunji, Nigerian drummer (died in 2003)
April 7th, 1917 (April 07 1917)BirthR.G. Armstrong, American actor
April 7th, 1897 (April 07 1897)BirthWalter Winchell, American broadcaster and journalist (died in 1972)Walter Winchell Quotes
April 7th, 1867 (April 07 1867)BirthHolger Pedersen, Danish linguist (died in 1953)
April 7th, 1827 (April 07 1827)EventJohn Walker, an English chemist, sells the first friction match. He had invented it the previous year.
April 7th, 1767 (April 07 1767)DeathFranz Sparry, composer (born in 1715)
April 7th, 1747 (April 07 1747)DeathLeopold I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau, Prussian field marshal (born in 1676)
April 7th, 1727 (April 07 1727)BirthMichel Adanson, French botanist (died in 1806)
April 7th, 1307 (April 07 1307)DeathJoan of Acre, daughter of Edward I of England (born in 1271)

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